Sean Baker

At the end of November, I had the chance to shoot the lovely writer and director, Sean Baker. Sean has recently released the amazing film The Florida Project and directed the wild, 100 mph flick Tangerine back in 2015.

Sir David Puttnam

A portrait of Sir David Puttnam I took. Producer of the glorious Bugsy Malone; shot during the 40th anniversary celebrations at BAFTA headquarters.

Exploring is a Necessity

On one of the finest days of Spring so far, I thought it would be a waste to be hunched in front of my laptop for the sake of a few blog posts. I ended up at Eastville Park, with the only time me heading to this beauty in Bristol was for Tokyo World and Love Saves the Day... Completely different perspective. Anyway, Here's the results.

A meeting with ... Dave

Meeting Dave was one of those moments of serendipity. A vibrant and sporadic man, Dave was a person that released anything and everything, that was on his mind. He wasn't afraid to speak of his current love life, the state of the military and the 'secrets' that many are unaware of. All in all it was a strange and remarkable hour or two that I experienced. 

"Life is short and death is long, so make the most of every minute"

"Life is short and death is long, so make the most of every minute"